Automatic detection and allocation of surface defects on the hot product

With TBK measuring systems mill operators can check their products continuously for surface defects by fully automatic means and while production is still underway. For this an analysis model creates a 3D model from the high-resolution cross-section measurements.
High measuring frequencies provide the required precision: The system shows precise details of even slight anomalies on the surface.

The surface measurement system from TBK determines the precise position of the anomalies on the surface at the time of rolling, evaluates the data using special algorithms, and provides the plant owner with information on the cause by classifying the defects. In this way, it is possible to determine quickly whether a roll is damaged or whether defective ingoing material has been supplied.

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The time advantages are two-fold:

  • Increase in material output due to quick response in the event of surface defects
  • Improvement in the productive time of the whole plant, as the causes of anomalies are identified far more quickly
  • Classification of defects and correlation to process anomalies
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