Dimension measurement systems

for billets, bloom, slabs, wheels, and special profiles

TBK technology is already being successfully used for various special applications, including measurement of the contours of rings and wheels. Whatever the application:
The TBK sensor specialists are hard at work in the fields of measuring technology, automation and software to deliver customized solutions with tangible benefits for plant owners.

Wheels and rings

  • Creation of total cross-section from partial data recordings
  • Calculation of dimensional key characteristics from the total cross-section
  • Detection of product eccentricity
  • Comparison with templates, set points, and tolerance bands

Continuous casting
Continuously cast billets, blooms or slabs can also be measured. In addition to measuring the size and shape, the system can detect the condition of the surface. Either one unit can be installed after the continuous caster or one unit each in every strand. This provides direct feedback on the condition of the cast product, allowing the operation of the caster to be monitored and adjusted accordingly.

The technological principle of line triangulation and the derivation of relevant key data from the contour compiled are suitable for any kind of shape or dimension control.

Benefits at a glance

  • Tailor-made solutions based on customers’ requirements
  • Measuring technology and software individually combined
  • Product-specific set points and tolerance limits taken into account
  • Centralized evaluation and distribution of measurement data to visual display units
  • Time and cost benefits thanks to optimized production processes
  • High sampling rates for detailed representation
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