Flexible measuring system for a wide range of beams, sections, rails, and special profiles

The product diversity in the field of light, medium and heavy section production is especially challenging when it comes to contour measurements. With particularly large formats, such as beams with web heights of over one meter, the measurement windows must be correspondingly wide. That is why top priority must be given to the mechanical stability of the sensors in relation to each other. Design-related measures and air or water-cooling are used to provide effective compensation for the high thermal loads.

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Benefits at a glance

  • Measurement of a multiplicity of contours
  • Information on complex key performance values helps operators make appropriate process-related decisions
  • Stable measurement results
  • Individual tolerance specifications taken into account
  • Software and measuring unit are individually tailored to production conditions
  • Profiles can be changed without intervention in the measuring unit; the software is switched over automatically
  • Time and cost benefits through optimization of production



350x250 - 8ES

400x200 - 8ES

600x350 - 8ES

800x450 - 8ES

1000x500 - 8ES

1200x500 - 8ES

1300/500 - 8 ES
Typical products Rails Sections, rails Sections
Sections Sections

Product range
(mm) width on roller

Standard rail sizes 40-320 60 - 520  80 - 720 100 - 920 100 - 1120 100 - 1220
Number of
8 8 8 8 8 8 8
Accuracy down to +/- 0,07 0,07 0,08 0,1 0,15 0,2 0,25
Measuring window size (mm) 350x250 400x200 600x350 800x450 1000x500 1200x500 1300x500

Features of robust sensor technology

  • Four or eight PxD sensor heads
  • Up to four laser colors for synchronous acquisition
  • Internal product database for tolerances and shrinkage factors
  • Customized Level II interface
  • High-speed output to surface defect detection (SurfTec)