Measuring systems for bar, wire rod, and tubes with monitor control system

MEERgauge® laser system is available for bars, wire rod, and tubes and creates a true-shape cross-section from about 400 synchronous measuring points in a shared coordinate system. The results are then displayed with maximum precision. Unlike with conventional systems, the true shape of the contour can be represented precisely. With no moving or oscillating parts, the system requires almost no maintenance.

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Benefits at a glance

  • High measurement data density
  • Short exposure time and absolute synchronization of the measuring probes
  • Measuring equipment in the immediate vicinity of the roll stands
  • Direct transfer of measured values to the mill stand control system (mill stand control)
  • Compatible with 2-roll and 3-roll systems
  • Time and cost benefits from direct production control

MEERgauge® for wire rod, bars, billet, sections, tubes


PRG D50-4

PRG D100-4 PRG 150-4 PRG D275-4 PRG D400-4 PRG D500-4

Product range
dia (mm)

4,5 - 44 15 - 85 22 - 130 40 - 235 60 - 350 75 - 430
Number of
4 4 4 4 4 4

Features of robust sensor technology

  • Four PxD sensor heads
  • Up to four laser colors for synchronous acquisition
  • Internal product database for tolerances and shrinkage factors
  • Customized Level II interface
  • High-speed output to surface defect detection (SurfTec)