1986 ...

Since the foundation of TBK in 1986 the constant live monitoring of continuous processes has been the core competence of the company. TBK is active in general industrial measurement technology and from the very outset has been involved with customized solutions for specialized customer requirements.

                 ... 1989

TBK develops a laser-based, non-contact measurement system to capture cross-section and installs this for the first time in the steel processing industry in 1989. Even at this point in time, equipment was individually customized to the customer's specific production conditions. Continuous improvement of the measuring equipment and the development of industry-specific two-dimensional triangulation secured significant repeat business for TBK.

      ... 2000

In 2000 TBK introduces cross-section measurements in the hot product state for the first time and thus opens up new opportunities for optimization of production.

                        ... 2004

Through the cooperation with SMS Meer launched in 2004, direct control of the rolling mill is made possible by on-line control based on measured data. Even at this stage, this closed-loop control is of crucial importance for the control and optimization of the rolling process.

Continuous development of the systems is the most important success factor as well as the basic philosophy of TBK. Technological development in the field of laser and information technology and in the analysis of surface for the detection of surface condition forms the foundation for the future of TBK measurement systems.

... 2013 ...